I’m on your list, Craig

I’m wondering now if I’ve made a mistake with this “I’m going to be a massage therapist” thing. Do you know how many massage therapists post on CraigsList for my city alone? And how many other people post misspelled ads about building your massage practice CDs and crap? Ugh. CraigsList makes everything seem flaky.

And seedy. Like the ad for an “attractive, discreet masseuse to work in my home” or the one that said “cute masseuse wanted for home visits, NOT EROTIC, send pic.” (um, so why do you need a pic?)

I’m trying not to get caught up in Professionism, but sometimes it’s hard to dig out once you’re there. I’m going to help people and get out of this sitting-on-ass situation and not work so many hours. I’m going to effing help some people. And it’s not going to be flaky.

I guess I should repeat that 10 times a day.

And by the way, “I saw you in the coffee shop, you were looking for a penny. Penny for your thoughts?” never, ever works, CraigsList user.


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