I still haven’t eaten dinner, guess I should do that.

So, if you want to know where to shop this year for toys like Francis the Love Bunny over here, go to the Holiday Shopping Guide for the Indie Sonofabitch Parent at Sweet Juniper.

I love Francis.

Holiday Cheers
So, one of my jobs this holiday season is to pair the families of our terminally ill and financially drained families with members of the community who have volunteered to provide gifts and a holiday meal for them. And what I have to say today is this: Just because the family I assigned you isn’t warm and fuzzy does not mean they don’t need you. Some people are uncomfortable asking for gifts in the first place, so they may not feel comfortable rattling off their wish list to you on the phone. That’s why I sent you a printed copy in the mail. Not everyone is going to meet you at the doorstep, wide-eyed and waiting for you to save Christmas and make it all sappy-better. So no, you can’t switch families. And pssst: If your giving is conditional upon the specific emotional return you expect get back, maybe you should re-evaluate, you know, a shitload of things.

The Bird Report
When Birdy is upset or impatient, she whines. It’s a regular toddler whine, and it means “get me out of this high chair right NOW,” and “Hello, upstairs!? The downstairs has been awake for ten whole minutes!?” and “But I waaaaaaaaaaaaant it! That thing up there!” You understand this whine.

I usually reply in my own whiny voice with “I know, Bird. I know.”

So now, at 6am sharp, Bird whines through the baby monitor and pierces the silence of our little attic bedroom, saying “I knnnnnoooooowwwww. I knnnnnoooooowwwww.”

It’s pretty damn cute.

She’s pretty damn cute.


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