Welcome, 2007! So far, so Barf.

Here’s our New Year’s story:
Visited my family and grandparents in Southern Indiana, had a lovely time, Bird picked a dilly of a day to practice her “cry it out” techniques at bedtime in a hotel room, went to a bridal shower for my almost-sister in law. Everything lovely. Flying by at rapid pace, but lovely. Got a tour of all of the cheeses in my grandmother’s refrigerator. There were many.

On our last Hoosier night, A. became very, violently, run-to-the-bathroom, column-of-barf sick. The barfing portion of the illness was relatively swift, but the lingering soreness and overall puniness lasted a few days, and we spent New Year’s eve like this: Stopped in briefly to a gathering, back home and A. in bed by 9:30, me falling asleep on the couch at about 10 watching a taped episode of NOVA. Yep, you read that right.

I’m hoping this week isn’t a preview of our new year, because if it is, we’re going to be doing a lot of barfing and a lot of wallowing around and showing up to places disheveled and unprepared. Also a lot of nerdy activities, like watching taped episodes of NOVA.

It really is amazing how quickly I slip here at work, as I started out this morning like gangbusters and then checked bloglines and it has been a quick tumble downhill on the productivity scale this afternoon.

The Infirmed

Went out! on Tuesday! to see an old friend/ roommate play her super-great songs at a nice little club near downtown. And I am not kidding you, right as she took the stage, my phone rang, and it was A., and apparently Bird was barfing her guts up all over the place. So I went home, after one song. Poor Birdy. So scared of the barfing. It was heart-wrenching.

Also, it passed quite quickly, much like A’s mystery illness, for which I am thankful.

Two Wishes

Another pretending to be a SAHM day yesterday, as school has not started and working part time means I have some time away from work, until it is filled up with school. Met S. and her boys at the park, a party planned due to its limited physical contact due to the recent barfing. I can’t stop thinking about how that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. (SAHMing, not barfing.) You should’ve (and would’ve, if I’d remembered the camera) seen my little Bird running around out there.

Speaking of cameras, I have an aging digital snapshot camera that is a decent machine except for the four-minute delay between the time you push the button and the time the photo is taken, and its tough stance on not taking clear photos of anything that is not lit by bright, clear daylight, save for the flash that makes every subject look like the cops have just busted down the front door and are shining a spotlight in their face and yelling at them to GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR! I know, I bitch a lot. At least I have a camera. But I would really like a nice fancy camera to take some keepers of my Bird. **sigh**

My husband watches a little football, but not in a “hold on don’t talk to me I have to see this play” kind of way. And I am fortunate that he is the kind of guy who is not so into his sports that he can’t tolerate my babbling and question-asking, like “Why do they do that?” “Did the referee just say that was to legit to quit?” and, from last night, “Did that guy just eat a Cheeto?”
Above all, though, my favorite thing to spot in a football game is the frontbutt. It’s an occupational hazard of being a sideline coach guy. Every time I see it, I throw my arms up in the air like it’s a touchdown, and I say “Yesssssss! Frontbutt!” And my husband still thinks that’s funny. I am a lucky, lucky girl, folks.

So, the fabulous k is a kindhearted lady, and said some nice things about this blog over at hers. Really, that was so kind of her. Go visit. The night I started this blog up, I set all of my settings and controlled all of my controls, and then started hitting the “next blog” button at the top of the page. I landed at Out, Out Damn Spot and I’ve been a reader ever since, including the two months before I discovered bloglines and literally checked her blog about 59 times every day.

Also go visit the Kim Family Auction. I have added several new crafty blogs to my blogroll after finding the beautiful wares and their creators there. Beautiful little things, really.


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