My Baggage

So, Velocibadgergirl did this thing where she dumped her bag and told us what was in it, and invited everyone else to do the same. So I did it. She also tagged me for a meme (me? tagged for a meme? Has never before happened! So I did that, too, which will come in a separate post.)


1. Moleskine notebook for jotting notes, many of which I’ll never understand later
2. Giant plastic filing envelope— you have no idea how this is saving my life
3. Plastic pencil case: holds pens, highlighters, old gum (wrapped, thank you) and Swiss Army knife
4. Bigger notebook for jotting: I make a list of the “must do” stuff here every day and keep it visible… if it isn’t in writing, it so isn’t happening
5. Board Meeting minutes from earlier in the week(these should live in the Giant Plastic Filing Envelope)
6. Thank You card from someone I care about, addressing a touchy subject*, need to respond (also should live in the GPFE… but seriously, you should see the stuff that’s actually in it)
7. Business card from the BLIND TAX GUY
8. Shiny snail toy found in the park, to which Bird is now so very attached and who knows where it came from or where it’s been, and no matter how hard I try to lose it, it just keeps coming back
9. Smallbag: lives in big bag. Holds necessities, functions like a little submarine that lives inside a bigger submarine and it shoots out to go exploring shipwrecks and shit. Smallbag explores shipwrecks. That’s right.


1. Wallet. Had it since mid-college. Given to me by a former roommate as partial payment on a rather large phone bill– I think he stole it from Urban Outfitters.
2. Planner. Daytimer Pocket Size, leather cover, 2-page-per-week calendar pack. I’ll shout it from the rooftops, I love this thing.
3. Vet card**
4. Chapstick. Never leave home without it.
5. C.O. Bigelow minty lip gloss. Kind of sticky, but smells good, claims to freshen breath, though I’m not sure how unless you eat it, which you could if you were into that.
6. Lipstick, at least 3 years old, worn down to barely a stump.
7. Baby hairbrush for the babyhair
8. Starbux giftcard… thanks, mom (she really is so, so kind)
9. Old ass phone says “okay, how bout now? hello? you there?”
10. Pen and sharpie that used to be attached to keys… too dangerous, so I removed it and now it is a free-range sharpie.

*From brother-in-law’s very long term and very recently former girlfriend, whom I just loved. It is all so sad.

** Rudy the Beardog is allergic to fleas.
Me: Does he even have fleas?
Vet: No, not really. That will be one hundred million dollars. Have a great weekend.


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