I can think again, now that the temperature is below 145 degrees in Tennessee

A couple of days ago, I finally met Girl, Corrupted and her sweet Mr. Cooper, live and in person, walking toward me on the Greenway. If you don’t already visit her in blogland, you should, because she likes to talk about poop, which automatically makes you a gem of a lady in my book. She reminded me that I have a blog, and I think she may have even shaken a finger at me? Hmmm. In any case. Here I am.

So never fear, readers (all four of you), I’m alive and well and mostly holding my shit together. My little mental break from/ at work has passed, and I’m back to busting it during the work week. I finished my very last class last weekend and hosted my in-laws for two nights. We traveled to Southern Indiana for Labor Day and attended no fewer than four major family functions/ events, all involving different combinations and permutations of the same group of people wearing different combinations of clothing. And this weekend is the single most big-assed fundraiser for the organization that pays me, A. will be traveling to Indy to play a sloppy drunken mess of songs with members of our old Hoosier college family, and my parents will come into town to visit/ volunteer for the fundraiser/ soak up as much Bird time as they possibly can. I lost my gigantic bundle of keys and discount tags and was made to pay the Honda dealership seven hundred thousand dollars to replace my huge, electronic car key (it has buttons on it. It is complicated.) My large dog seems to be losing his hair and his mind. Bird is getting tall. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom.

So far, September is kicking my ass.

This is just a bonus picture. She’s taking a Bird Bath in the sink.



  1. Emotional Mullet

    Mama Snee! You are the best(!) to give me hyperlinky tips. Thank you for your blogsupport.Baby Bird’s knees look exactly like mine. My band-aids are of the “Hello, Kitty” variety, tho. (I had a coupon)OK. Fine. The coupon was a bonus. I would have spent the dough on the “Hello, Kitty” anyway.

  2. Jen

    Awwww…I was going to send you a “nice to meet you for real and in person” email, and then I decided I’d post about our impromptu meeting and THEN I thought you might find me creepy and stalky and I didn’t want that. I’m glad to see you back and Birdy’s little band-aided knees are about the cutest things ever. One of these days we’ll have to “plan” to meet for an adult beverage or two and we can both bitch about how much we want a smoke. I’ve told you before, you were MY inspiration to start writing and I at least owe you a cocktail for that. Thank ya, Mama Snee and I apologize because I think I *may* have said “HOLY CRAP” in front of Birdy, your friend and her child, when I realized it was indeed YOU. I was star-struck!

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