Tuesday is the New Saturday (because I am not working today, that’s the only thing they really have in common)

Debate with Toddler, Round II
“You lay on the white poller and I lay on the green poller.”
“This poller is orange, and that poller is white.”
“Um, okay, but I think your pillow is green. You just told me that.”
“This one is orange, and that one is white.”
“That one is green, and this one is white.”
“We’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

You say potato, and I say vagina
Also, by evening on the day of the potato-vagina debates, everything was vagina (bachina). Bachina bachina bachina. Bachina for dinner. Bachina on the phone. Bachina in the bedtime book.

As of today, the bachina storm seems to be on its way out, unless you ask Bird what something is called, because you know it’s gonna be bachina. My favorite is her scuffed and beloved baby Stella, now known affectionately as Bachina Baby if you ask.

Finally I get to really pretend to be a stay-at-home mom
Bird and I went to story time today at the public library downtown, and she’s now sleeping off all of the excitement of the puppets and the songs and the other kids, worn out from exclaiming things. It was all shock and awe at the Story Time today. Bird even walked right up to the puppeteer/ story reader after it was all over and gave him a proper toddler stare down, she was so impressed (and so brave).

We showed up a half-hour early (or a half-hour late, take your pick) for one of the three story times scheduled for today, and went upstairs to check out some books from my list while we waited. I set my water bottle down while dewy-decimaling, and took a few steps away from it to a different shelf. And Bird said, in a non-library voice, “MOMMY! DON’T LEAVE YOUR BEER!”



  1. little nipper

    Your potato vagina debate is hilarious. It made me ask my Mom when she first discussed this topic with me. Mom, “You were about two years old and instead of saying vagina you said my china. And I left it at that.”

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