Two things a mama doesn’t love to hear when she’s contemplating trading a part-time work schedule for a full-time one:


A: Birdy, come up here and snuggle me!

Bird: I wish I could, but I have to go to work now.


(I hear this regularly, when she’s feeling willful, which, hello she is TWO)

Mama: Please stop banging that spoon on the dishwasher.


That one makes my blood boil and my insides turn inside out.

Oh, and Slob Minterview went all kinds of real nice. Slob Minterview Part Deux happens next week.

One comment

  1. k

    Good luck on the 2nd round minterview.At least, if they offer it to you, you have it as an option, right?Where, if you hadn’t even interviewed, there’d be no choices to make.Okay, that was supposed to be helpful, but I think I made it worse.Good luck. And kudos for you for interviewing; job interviews are always sucky and nerve-wracking no matter how qualified you are.

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