Something I actually said today walking home from daycare:

“We are not going to go back and put that poop in your bag. And I am done talking about it.”

Something that actually happened today:
Home appraisal for the Great Refinance of 2009. Felt super weird sitting on my couch pretending to read my new Vegetarian Times while the (very kind and fatherly) appraiser took a picture of the World’s Tiniest Bathroom, clunked down the basement steps, peered into the guestroom/ graveyard of bullshit. And after he left I realized the toilet lid was up, prominently displaying a nice big wad of TP (thanks, Bird) floating around in there, with maybe some… is that pee? Cheers! Thanks for checking out the house! Maybe the memory of the toilet paper floater will erase the memory of the plaster cracks and weird wet spot in the basement!

Something I’m wondering about:
How many pounds of chickpeas can one family eat in a year? Because seriously, we are chickpea-heavy for at least 3 meals a week, and one of which is always Mediterranean Night.* Do other veg families lean this hard on the bean?

Something I’m loving:
Veganomicon. OMG. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Even if you are a raging carnivore, this book has the potential to rock your world or at least your side dish reportoire. A. has developed an addiction to the chickpea cutlets, which we now make in double batches and freeze half for quick & easy deliciousness, though they never seem to stick around long. Tonight’s dinner: chickpea cutlet sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, avocado slices, Vegenaise, dijon mustard, red onion on homemade (thank you trusty little breadmaker) french baguette, served with roasted potatoes, onion, and asparagus. And yes, Bird will even eat a chickpea cutlet. This book is magical, I tell you.

Something that did not work:
We were on such a streak with Veganomicon that we branched out to try the Tempeh with broccoli and whole wheat rotini last night, which was under 45 minutes in prep and cook time as promised, but it was an intense 45 mintues. And the verdict? A. started out with, “yeah, I don’t know if we should make this again, it seemed pretty complicated.” and on to, “Maybe it would be better with a little more vinegar” to “I don’t think I’ll eat the leftovers, probably” to scraping the pot out into the garbage and saying, “That was disgusting.” Should have known by the tablespoon of fennel seeds. I hate fennel. And yet still remain a little shocked that I hated this dish. That’s how magic the V-con is. It romances you into thinking you might even like fennel in your tempeh, and you don’t hold a grudge when it’s gross.

*Mediterranean night = one tub of Bobbbi’s Your Favorite Hummus + homemade pita +red peppers, carrots, olives, red onion. One plate, almost no dirty dishes. WIN!

** OMGOMG tried to find a website for the very yummy and insanely garlicky Bobbi’s Hummus and came up emptyhanded. I buy it at Turnip Truck so go find it there. BUT! In my search, I ran across a random discussion board post that claims to be the Bobbi’s Recipe. I. do. not. jest. After tomorrow (when we are scheduled to have Mediterranean Night, so lookout vampires) I might be the most-seven-dollars-savin’-est mama in the ‘hood.



  1. velocibadgergirl

    Veganomicon has got to be the best name for a cookbook, EVAR.When you are making recipes, do you pretend to forget how to say ingredients, a la Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness?”Chives…onions…papriiiiiii*coughcoughcough*”

  2. morgan

    i am also COMPLETELY obsessed with veganomicon. it is my bible. do you have vegan with a vengeance? also amazing…by one of the authors of veganomicon…isa chandra something or other.have you tried the wheat free chocolate chip cookies? they make me feel better about eating chocolate chip cookies, because at least i’m eating a lot of oats in the process. admittedly, i only cook half of the cookies, and then i just save the other half of the cookie dough to eat at my leisure, while i stand in front of the fridge.

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