That’s my grandma’s Corelle mug. I got the whole set when she moved to Assisted Living, because out of all 14 grandchildren I am the favorite. Or most likely to need a set of dishes. Either way.

It seems like just yesterday I was worried that the Tennessee heat would boil my babies’ organs in their soft little skins, like adorable little blonde ravioli. And all of a sudden this morning we are chilly and asking for chapstick! This whole seasons thing is the most predictable surprise, and yet it always catches me off guard in a tank top and bare feet, thrilled and freezing.

In fact, I actually wore my jacket to the grocery this morning and was all What the WOW POCKETS! For my phone and wallet and stuff! Also while at the grocery it became apparent that somebody needs to offer a free course to all residents of east Nashville called How to Behave in a Parking Lot 101, which would also count for credits toward Intro to Don’t be a Dick/ Mind Your Babies.

And also grocery-related, I somehow I spent $120 in about 40 minutes on mostly non-extravagant items- sure, I bought olive oil but it was store brand; yes, I bought decent coffee but shitty coffee is worse than no coffee; I balance it out (or so I thought) with store-brand beans and soy milk and frozen tator tots every damn time. And yet! $120 gone in a flash, spent on food that will also be gone in a flash in a matter of days. How do I fix this? Costco? Coupons? Rationing food to the children?

I’m reading (on and off with other things) this book, and the author talks at one point about her three conflicting food spending personalities: the one who values quality/ health over frugality (organics/ high end), the one who works to pinch the family pennies for the greater good (Aldi, y’all-di), and the one who takes every opportunity to support local business and locally sourced stuff (get thee to the farmers’ market). And how those three never, ever agree on a damn thing. I feel that. Big. Hoping for a little more spending/ eating/ grocery-ing clarity when Job 2.0 kicks in next month. Next month! Color me giddy and terrified and holding an improved grocery list.


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