Makes a great gift!

Ophie and I dropped the big kid at gymnastics this morning and  headed to the neighborhood bike shop to take care of some important business: repairing the leak in the front tire of the jogging stroller and even more importantly, getting mama a cup of fancy coffee. I forget what it’s like to be with a two year old one-on-one sometimes, and it’s pretty great. She has a lot to say when she’s not saying mom mom mom mom mom mom mom and competing for my attention. Things like “MOM! THAT DOG HAS A WEIRD HEAD!” (it totally did). And this neighborhood, I tell ya. So much in love, still.

Again, tonight I work.
A freelance project I’m happy to have, but in a cruel twist of fate I’m writing product descriptions for Christmas decorations– which always have been and forever will be at the top of my list of the Most Useless Bullshit in the Whole Entire World, Period. But! This is work, and good (potentially repeat) work at that, so it’s all “elegant” and “festive” and “adorable” and blah blah fine. I’m containing my decor-related scrooge-ness, but it’s getting harder to stay in the spirit the further I get down the spreadsheet. Just twenty more to go.

You can’t buy a mousepad in East Nashville. You can buy a sticky pad at Rite Aid designed to trap and kill mice, but that probably isn’t going to work, thank you for your help and have a good night.


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