Old Lady Bosoms and Other Stuff

There are lights on the deck now. Okay, lights on half of the deck. It was a good weekend all around.

1. On the whole, I could really do without teamwork. I hate to be like that, but I am. And when I look back on 36 years of livin’, I find that I’ve never loved team activities. Case in point: soccer = stand around and hope the ball doesn’t come to me  vs.  bowling= ignite weird competitive spirit and yell out and shove my arms in the air without even realizing I’m doing it. I’m a personal-best player, which makes so much sense in the grand scheme of things here lately. It also makes me the A-hole in “TEAM”, which is kind of what’s happening on a daily level right now, as I find myself in Super-Turbo Teamwork Land.

2. Also, Coffee cake. Can I get a FUCK YES.

3. We got Birdy  a bunk bed for her birthday, which we put together with a teeny allen wrench and many, many curse words. It came from Walmart (shame) and it’s reasonably sturdy, but I can’t shake the irrational fear that it’s going to come crashing down on Ophelia (little sister/bottom bunk is Natural Law) in the middle of the night. I don’t know if it’s because it came from Walmart or because we put it together ourselves or because I have 6 tons of gripping, unchecked anxiety, but there, I said it.

4. Speaking of Walmart, I realized this weekend that the two pairs of jeans I own are both thrifted and not without the kind of minor issues and discomforts you might expect from a pair of thrifters. I then realized that one of my pairs of thrifted jeans is a Walmart brand. (The other pair is Seven for All Mankind, so together they put me in some kind of brand- neutral place in the world of thrift store finds, but still.) I bought Walmart jeans at Goodwill. AND I WEAR THEM TO WORK.

5. “That Granny is a Busty lady” is the text that me & my friend autocorrect sent to my mom when I couldn’t get my granny on the phone to wish her a happy birthday. Autocorrect is such a jokester, especially when it’s had a few, but seriously, it needs to back off of the Granny jokes. Sheesh.

6. Here are some links. I’m lazy.

Baby Frieda Kahlo

Will be listening to this in the near future, especially after reading this.  BTW does anyone else read Terri Gross’s name in the transcript as a part of the quote,  like, “GROSS! I didn’t know that.” ? Just me?

Hurry up, little suitcase! GAH! This is especially funny  because my nickname in college was “Little Suitcase.” So, funny to me at least.

I took a pretzel from a goat

Modern portraits are so much better than old ones — love this idea


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