Put some Friday in your Monday

So, I took a personal day. I had Bird’s First Grade Book Club make-up meeting to prepare for, after re-scheduling it so I could go do a presentation in Kentucky last week. Like any book club I’ve ever been involved with, I had not read the book and had no activity planned. Plus, I had next to nothing on my work agenda but a boatload of freelance work to cram in and one more personal day to burn before my days as a full-time employee come to an end. I called in on a Monday, and I didn’t even make an excuse and I didn’t feel guilty or wonder what anybody would think or say. I said “I’m not coming in because I’m going to do these things” and then I did them. It’s a small victory, but it felt nice.

Not going to the office and doing book club meant that this Monday followed the same formula as my Fridays soon will. And hey, mama. It was niiiiiiice.

I walked Bird and O. to school. I got some exercise in the sunshine. I noticed leaves and houses and other people in my neighborhood. I got a bunch of work done and I did the dishes. I scratched the dog behind the ears and meant it. I took a shower. I showed up to First Grade Book Club prepared (and bearing candy!) and led an activity they really liked, without watching the clock. I had the loudest lunch of my entire damn life with the first grade. I took comfort in the fact that cheese pizza is always accompanied by buttered corn. I picked around at the Goodwill.* I bought a sweater and a skirt. I did some more work and then picked Bird up after running club. In a few minutes, we’ll walk to daycare to get O.

I accomplished far more than I normally would without rushing anything or anybody, not even once.

I think this is going to work out just fine.


*Notes on Goodwill:

  • If they’re not going to throw them out, they should just make a designated  section for tiny shrunken wool sweaters from J Crew and Gap. I mean, I have done my share of accidental hot washings and subsequent additions to the donations pile, but who is buying thick-as-hell tiny sweaters? Nobody. I vow to never donate another one.
  • Every time I visit the Eastland Goodwill I hear these two songs: Yester Me Yester You Yester Day and La-La Means I Love You. Singing along is almost involuntary at this point, as those are great songs.
  • And yes I try things on at thrift stores, and yes, I do think about lice. And then I stop thinking about that and start thinking about sweet, sweet bargains, my friends.



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