In with the new.

deskSo. That’s my office right there. Because everything’s different now, and good, but weird and new, too. Okay, that’s not really my office. My office is the kitchen table. That rickety side chair becomes my office when the kids need to eat.

I left my job back in October, did you know that? A job I liked, that paid well-ish, that I was good at.

I found myself at a significant crossroads professionally and personally and I decided to just drive the damn thing across the cornfield because why not? And then it turned in to not exactly quitting, but some miraculous opportunity to stick around and make things up as I go along. Which, for now, means some time in the office doing work for an agency I like, and some time at home building a base of freelance clients and writing my own story, so to speak.

I know. It’s what I’ve always wanted. phew.

So I’m navigating this new time/ schedule thing by making an OCD-level number of to-do lists and trying to be patient with myself as I re-train my thinking away from the nine-to-five mindset. And I’m also trying to be patient with myself about being patient with myself, because that is also hard.

It will come. This is the shaking-the-wrinkles-out part. The important part. As for today, I got to go to my agency office and meet with smart people, go shopping in my awesome neighborhood for Ophie’s birthday present and a new moleskine for me, make myself a giant salad, work for a while with my weird old dog at my feet, walk to school to get Birdy and watch her run around with friends on the playground, pick Ophie up before it got dark, read with the kids when it wasn’t even bedtime and actually enjoy putting food on plates for us. All this while Andy’s traveling for the week and I’m flying solo.

Perfect fit. So ridiculously thankful.

Just one link tonight, I’m sleepy (but it’s a great one) :

The Oatmeal on writing internet content


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