Attic Afternoon.

This morning Ophie accused the plumber of stealing Andy’s wallet. I spent a lot of time on hold with the bank. I put socks, shoes, and breakfast on/ in my children. I waved like a lunatic at the daycare window. I said “fuck” in a meeting, more than once. I had lunch with Andy. I ate a burrito. I took a walk. I picked up my big kid. I picked up my little kid. I ate an English muffin with pizza sauce, mozzarella and a pineapple ring on top and called it supper. I wrote about Beanie Babies and sewing and dogwoods. I did a load of laundry but didn’t dry it. I whacked my wrist in an unexplainable way on the banister.

And I just found a piece of dog food on the kitchen table.

That’ll do, I suppose.


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