Reading List

The Age of Desire/ Jennie Fields
Started it for book club, put it down in favor of something else that caught my eye (see below). Picked it up again but it was too late– I had work to do and kids to feed and bathe and what have you, and it didn’t grab me hard enough to neglect any of the above. I made it about 30% through. The writing itself was less than great, but after hearing the story (the great affair of Edith Wharton’s life) as I sat quietly through book club stuffing my face, I wished I’d read it. Kind of.
The Bill From My Father/ Bernard Cooper
This book was recommended to me by David Sedaris. It was! When he came to read at the Ryman and I went and he recommended it to everyone, at length. And it didn’t disappoint– a memoir focused on the relationship between the writer and his father, an eccentric LA lawyer person, as the father slips into dementia. And it is not at all as depressing as that just sounded. It’s actually funny, and quirky, and really smart.

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